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[Work in Progress]

How do you think Hamlet felt about the ending of his play? If he had a chance to talk things out with Will, how do you think that conversation would go? When both character and author have agency over how the story is told, do you think they both become characters or do they both become authors?

[Work in Progress] is a metafictional play that deals with questions of heartache, fate, and love. Artie, a screenwriter, and Allen, his character, find themselves at odds in how they think their story should end. Allen will do everything he can to change the fate that's been written for him, and Artie will try to stop him because that's not how it happened. What neither of them realize is that it's not up to them; it's up to the woman they both love.

- Script available upon request.

PRaise for [Work in Progress]

"Ross Barron's play, '[Work in Progress]', is a funny, touching, clever, and deeply theatrical exploration of creativity, autonomy, and romance."

- R.N. Sandberg and Stacy Wolf, Lecturer and Professor at Princeton University