Ross BarroN



The son of a musician and a novelist, Ross grew up adventuring in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado.

He has studied acting at Stella Adler Studios, Guildhall, the Lucid Body House, and Princeton University.

Ross’ most recent writing/acting project, “Sticks & Stones”, will be featured in multiple NY and NJ film festivals this Fall.



Ross’ short film Sticks & Stones will be featured at the Big Apple Film Festival, The Hudson Valley Film Festival, and the Golden Door International Film Festival in the early Fall of 2019.



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Tracy Bersley


"In addition to being a most dedicated artist, Ross is a quiet leader and encourages others to stretch and grow... He is smart without pretension, assertive with grace, modest without bashfulness, and has the capability to achieve transformative creative expression."

Tim Vasen


"Ross was a terrific collaborator, a company leader, the kind of performer who raises the bar for everyone he is working with through his dedication, work ethic, and infectious good humor."

Johnny Monsarrat 

Review of Richard III

for Events Insider

"Kudos to Ross Barron (Messenger) for bounding down the stairs with action-villain energy. Don't break a leg!"

Serge Riedener

New York City Filmmaker 

"Not only was Ross a great guy, but he was very professional and supportive on set. I look forward to working with him again."

Stu Duncan

Review of Spider's Web

for U.S.1

"Ross Barron, a Princeton graduate who has already studied theater at Stella Adler in this country and Guildhall School in London, handles the tricky role of the inspector with great authority, completely commanding several scenes."

Bob Brown

Review of Spider's Web

for Centraljersy.com

"Barron and Milla have the challenge of being two completely different characters. They're convincing enough that I wasn't sure they weren't different actors."